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County Assemblies are established under the Constitution of Kenya Article 176.” There shall be a County Government for each County, Consisting of a County assembly and County Executive.

The roles of a County Assembly are majorly: Legislation, representation and Oversight pursuant to the Constitution of Kenya Article 185 and the County Government Act.

A large part of the work of the Assembly takes place in committees, made up of MCAs. These committees consider policy issues, scrutinize the work and expenditure of the government, and examine proposals for legislation

The County Assembly of Machakos has 24 Committees established by the Machakos County Assembly Standing Orders. The Committees are categorized as Select and Sectoral Committees.

The Sectoral Committees perform most of the oversight duties and have so far been engaged in fact finding missions on the projects implemented by the County executive. The Sectoral Committees over sees the Departments in the County Executive.

The Committees have presented reports with recommendations on the different projects to the House for adoption.


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