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Financial/statutory Legal instruments

[/lsvr_content_box][lsvr_content_box]The first county of Machakos enacted the following legal instrument which have statutory timelines and have successfully been implemented. All documents are available from County Assembly Library Management System accessible here.[/lsvr_content_box][lsvr_separator][lsvr_accordion toggle=”yes” custom_class=”Financial/statutory Legal instruments”][lsvr_accordion_item title=”2018″]

1.      Machakos  County  Finance Bill, 2017

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1.      Machakos  County  Supplementary Appropriation Act,2017
2.      Machakos County Appropriation Act, 2017

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1.      The  Machakos  County Supplementary Appropriation   Act,2016
2.      Machakos  County   Appropriation  Act,2016
3.      Machakos  County  Supplementary  Appropriation (2) Act,2016
4.       Machakos  County  Finance  Act 2016

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1.      Machakos County  Appropriation  Act,2015
2.      Machakos  County  Supplementary  Act,2015
3.      Machakos  County Finance  Act,2015

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1.      Machakos  County Appropriation Act 2014
2.      Machakos County Supplementary Act,2014
3.      Machakos County Finance Act,2014

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1.      Machakos  County   Appropriation Act (3)  of 2013
2.      Machakos County   Supplementary Appropriation Act,2013
3.      Machakos  County Finance Act,2013
4.      Machakos  County  Appropriation  Act (2)  of  2013


The following substantive legal instruments were enacted by the first County Assembly of Machakos

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Machakos County Water and Sanitation Act,2014 Act provides for the creation of a County Water Board , Water service providers licensing  and  regulates the provision of water and sanitation services within the County  
Machakos County Sand Harvesting Act, 2014 Act Regulates Sand harvesting to ensure sustainable exploitation and utilization of sand, it provides for equitable sharing of the accruing benefits and establishes a Sand Harvesting and Management Committee
Machakos County Ward Development Fund Act, 2014 Act creates the Ward Development Fund for purposes of development within the wards.
Machakos County Trade License Act, 2014 Act provides a legal framework for application and granting of trade license and related activities within the County.
Machakos County Agricultural Development  Fund Act, 2014 Act Provides for growth and development of the Agricultural sector. It establishes a fund for the administration of agricultural sector within the county and establishment of a Directorate to oversee the implementation of the Act.
Machakos County Liquor Licensing Act, 2014 Act provides a legal framework for liquor licensing, administration and related purposes and establishes a Directorate of Liquor control.
Machakos County  Public Participation Act,2014 Act give effect to Articles l, l0 (2) (a), 1.18, 119,174,232 (l) (d) and paragraph 14 of Part 2 of the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution and establishes modalities and platform for public participation in the governance of the County.
Machakos County Rating Act 2014 Act provides a legal framework for the imposition of rates on land and buildings in the County.

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Machakos  Ward  Development  Fund (Amendment)Act,2015 Act amends the  Machakos County Ward Development Fund Act to align it with the  Constitutional provisions
Machakos County HIV and AIDS Management Act 2015 Act Provides measures for the prevention, control as well as institutional framework for the management of HIV and AIDS it also establishes county HIV and AIDS management committees.
Machakos County E-Waste Management Act,2015 Act provides for institutional framework in the management of E-Waste and establishes a County E-Waste management committee.
Machakos County  Co-operatives Societies Act,2015 Act gives provisions for the formation, registration, and regulation of cooperative Societies and related activities within the County.
Machakos County Revenue  Administration Act ,2015 Act provides for the general administration of revenue raising laws and other taxation laws. Establishment a directorate of revenue collection within the County.
Machakos County Designated Parking Places Act,2015 Act establishes a legal framework for parking of motor vehicles within the County.
Machakos County Commuter Motor Vehicle Act,2015 Act regulates commuter vehicle activities with the
Machakos County Government Administrative Structures Act,2015 Act gives effect to section 48 of the County Governments Act on the establishment of Administrative Units and County Government Services Committees at Sub-County level and Ward level for effective and efficient delivery of services

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Machakos County  Persons  with Disabilities Act,2016 Act Provides for the rights and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Equalization of opportunities for PWDs and establish a County Board and Fund for PWDs
Machakos County (Flags and Other Symbols) Act,2016 Act establishes coat of arms, County seal and flag for use by the County government  of Machakos
Machakos  County Non-Motorized Vehicles Act,2016 Act gives provisions for the regulation of operations of Non- Motorized Vehicles within the county.
Machakos County Public Market and Stalls Act,2016 Act provides for the management of Public markets and stalls in the County.
Machakos County Management of Quarrying Activities Act, 2016 Act regulates quarrying activities; to ensure sustainable exploitation and utilization of quarries; Provides for raising of revenue from quarrying activities and provides for equitable sharing of the accruing benefits.