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12 Statements Tabled, Discussed and Committed to Sectoral Committees


Procedure followed in suspending staffs in the Executive Dept. of Finance

-Why the County Government was recruiting new staff

-If revenue was being collected in the circumstance of suspended finance officers

-Measures taken to ensure continuous remittance of money from the National Treasury.

Hon. Francis Ngunga (Majority Leader)



Request letter was sent to County Secretary Response was received and tabled in the House on 27.9.2017 Response not satisfactory and so was referred to the Committees of Finance and Labor.The committees tabled a report of their findings in November 2017 and the report was approved.





The status of free Seeds program to

farmers as promised in the Governors Manifesto


(Agriculture Committee)

Hon. Justus





Request letter sent to the Chief Officer

Response received Responded
3 The Status of Financial operations in the County


(Finance committee)   

September 2017 by Hon. Masesi Request letter sent on 21st September 2017 Response received on 25th September 2017 The response was tabled in the House by Hon. Kamitu on 26th September 2017 that the Revenue Officers were on leave but not suspended, measures were in place to ensure that revenue collection and basic financial operations went on well
4 The status of Implementation of the Machakos County Persons with Disability Act 2016


(Implementation committee)

17th October 2017 by Hon. Justus Katumo      

The status of Implementation of Article 54(2 ) of the constitution that seeks adherence of the principle of 5% of members of public in elective and appointive institutions be persons with Disabilities


( Justice and Legal Affairs committee)

17th October 2017 by Hon. Justus Katumo      


Statement on whether the County

Government of Machakos has come up with the second County Intergrated Development Plan and if so if there was public participation


(Trade and Planning Committee)


19th October 2017 by Paul Museku


A Statement regarding when the County Executive was planning to do a repeat of public participation on Finance Bill 2017/18 since the one they conducted on 29th September 2017 was not attended by members of the public.


(Finance Committee)

19th October 2017 by Hon. Justus Kitengu      

The status of incomplete dispensaries in Machakos County, reasons for stalling, whereabouts of money allocated and expected time of completion


(Health Committee)    

19th October 2017 by Hon. Francis Kalumu      

The number of graders procured by the County for the purpose of grading county roads, including the model and the current station for each.




The current status of the graders, specifying the ones that are functional and the ones broken down if any.


The work schedule of the graders and the intended date when the graders are scheduled to work in Kinanie Ward


(Transport Committee)

Mark Muendo-

On 21.3.18


The status of implementation of the Machakos Social Welfare and Empowerment Fund Regulation for the elderly category (Sh.40 million allocation)

(Culture and Tourism Committee)


Hon. Stephen Mwanthi

On 21.3.18


What the County Government of Machakos is doing to streamline the ballooning wage bill rated now at 47%


What the County Government is doing to furnish the Assembly with updated human resource audit to ascertain the actual human resource head count.

(Labor Committee)


2nd May 2018 by Hon. Margret Mbithi      

What the County Government of Machakos is doing on testing of underground water which is currently been supplied to residents from boreholes. The Statement was committed to Environment committee to report on or before 5.6.2018